How did you get into photography?

I’ve always loved taking photos. From polaroid, to film, and now digital, being behind the camera was an avenue for my shy personality to silently share with the world.

Having children made me appreciate the value of a photo. A moment captured in time. A moment that I might never get back. First smile, first crawl, first steps. My iPhone was loaded with thousands and thousands of pictures. I started to share these moments on instagram. The photos made people feel something whether it was joy, excitement, accomplishments, frustration, and sometimes pain. The arrival of my third boy and a subsequent move to a new town made documenting and sharing our lives a way to remain connected to our old friends and a valuable way to make new friends.

The purchase of a ‘real’ camera was a game changer for me. Soon, people were asking me to take photos of their own children. And a little instagram account, northonbirch, became a business: North On Birch Photography.